Facilities Reservation

The Issam Fares Library Learning Center has been designed to meet the diverse needs and requirements of the University of Balamand faculty and students. Its main goal is to create an academic environment where both students and professors are encouraged to take an active role in the learning methods and teaching skills, while interacting with each other using the available technologies. 

The Library Learning Center facilities include: 

1. Classrooms 

Room 006/007 (Ground Floor) is available for reservation as a classroom for special sessions. It is mainly used by the Faculty of Library and Information Studies, yet it can also be reserved for workshops, trainings, and tutoring sessions.

2. Computer Laboratory 

Room 116 (1st Floor) can be reserved for lab sessions. It can also be used for special workshops, and trainings that require computers and internet connection.

3. E-classrooms 

Rooms 008 (Ground Floor) and 102 (1st Floor) are equipped with advanced technologies (video conference) to allow instructors and students to conduct distance learning or/and online sessions. 

4. Group Study Rooms 

The primary purpose of the group study rooms is to provide small groups of students with a private space for collaborative work and study. These 7 rooms are located in the basement and on the 1st floor.


5. Meeting Rooms 

Room 111 (1st Floor) can be reserved for small meetings or workshops.