Rooms 008 on the ground floor and 102 on the 1st Floor) are equipped with advanced technologies (video conference) to allow instructors and students to conduct distance learning or/and online sessions. Each classroom can host 25 students. The Netop, a classroom management and live chat software  is installed in room 102; 25 computers equipped with cameras for distance learning and have many related features (distributing and collecting papers and quizzes electronically by the operator).

Room 101 on the 1st Floor is designated to be a workshop and training facility. It is equipped with Interactive White Board and has a capacity of 24 users.


Eligibility: Faculty members, Departments.


  • A testing phase is mandatory 3 working days in advance. 
  • Reservation can be made up to 4 months in advance.


Steps to Follow:

1.  Select the desired day from the calendar;

2.  Select the time you would like to reserve (time available is marked in green);

3.  Enter the required information (name, UOB email, etc.);

4.  Submit your request and wait for the confirmation email.